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  1. Hi Tracy,
    One of my students has let me know that you recently moved to Bungendore, and that you’re running a choir there, which she enjoys very much.
    ANATS ACT Chapter would like to welcome you to our region.
    We’re presenting a weekend workshop with the excellent Pat Wilson in Canberra on 25-26 March.
    If you’re interested in attending, we’d be delighted to see you there.
    Let me know, and I’ll send you the flyer.

    • hi Angela, I’m sorry I’ve been so slow to respond to this message. I’m not very good at checking messages on my website. I look forward to making it to the next ANATS event. And yes, I really enjoy working with Sue. We had our first lesson this week and she said that I was saying a lot of the same things as you!! cheers, Tracy

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Wondering if I could connect with you about possible singing lessons.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Tracy, I’m looking to get some singing lessons. I have had no training or experience before but I love singing and I hope one day to be involved in musical theatre once I learn to conquer my anxiety and fear! Was wondering if you could provide me with some more information like pricing, availability etc. Hope you are well


  4. Dear Tracy Bourne

    My apologies. For not contacting you Sooner. Time. Seems these days. I met you When you were representing Australian Friends at Aotearoa New Zealand and I said that. I would. Connect you about. Doing an Interview about Quakers. Maybe better late. than never!
    I produce Community or Chaos an educational radio programme on OAR (Community Access Radio in Otago). This radio programme features one hour of conversation or interview between myself as host with a studio guest, interspersed with music . The interviews take place at OAR Radio, located at Community House corner of Moray Place and Great King Street. When – Tuesdays at 11 AM to noon.
    I would like to interview you for 55 minutes by landline phone or Skype. My Phone £ is 0064 /03 /473-9188. My Email is

    Could you get back to me ASAP

    Marvin Hubbard

    I have interviewed such people as

    • Matthew Gillett LLB/BA, on the International Criminal Tribunal

    • Dr Pat Langhorne Assoc Professor Physics studying Sea Ice and Climate Change. University Otago

    • Professor Mark Henaghan Dean of the Law Faculty University Otago

    • Jamieson Anglican Bishop.The Rt. Rev. Penny

    • John Peet author of “Energy And the Ecological Economics Of Sustainability”,

    • Dr.Viktoria Kahui Natural Resource Economics

    • Sam Day Editor and advocate for Mordechai Vanunu Israeli prisoner of conscience and nuclear weapons whistle blower.

    • Assoc. Prof. Bob Lioyd Director, Energy Studies Programme University Otago

    • Yari HirschfeId Israeli Negotiator In Oslo with the PLO.

    • Barney Tayhapia Maori elder and representative of Atari Marae.

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